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Innovation Group Ltd is a global business process services provider. We help organisations in the insurance, fleet, automotive and property industries across the globe.

Innovation Group Ltd, part of the Carlyle Group, is a provider of expert services to the insurance, fleet, automotive and property sectors world wide. Operating from offices in France, Spain, UK, Germany, Poland, Belgium, USA, India, South Africa and Australia, the Group serves over 1,200 clients comprising 15 of the top 20 global general insurers and 3 of the top 5 fleet and lease management companies.


As we looked at potential claims management solution partners, Innovation Group Ltd’s complementary product offerings and broad industry knowledge, and partnership approach set them apart.

John Langowski, Vice President of Claims, UPC

Our sectors

  • We provide complete motor claims process services, fleet maintenance, and administration of Service Plans and Warranty. We do this for insurers, fleet & leasing companies and manufacturers, amongst others.

    We save continental European insurers more than $75m a year
  • We offer a comprehensive range of property claims services that support the entire home insurance value chain to deliver peace of mind for customers and value for money for insurers.

    We saved three clients $100m over the last ten years on indemnity spend alone
  • We service some of the world's biggest fleet operators helping them to minimise off-road time and better manage risk and legal issues.

    Fleet & leasing
    If you placed all the vehicles that Innovation Group has repaired in the UK since 2010 bumper to bumper you'd end up with a queue of traffic 300 miles long (not a good idea…)

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