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Why Innovation Group Ltd?

Customers choose us because we deliver measurable value. We help our customers reduce costs and risks, improve efficiency and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Time and again, our clients tell us there are ten ways we’re different:

1. We collaborate better

Businesses are moving from cumbersome full-service models that can’t adapt to rapidly-changing market conditions in time to working with strategic partners to get the job done.

We understand how collaboration is different. It’s not necessarily delivering a pre-defined product or service and maintaining it. Collaboration often means a willingness to change products or services, or develop new ones, to meet the realities of a customer’s situation.

We’ve built our business on those two beliefs. Being better prepared for collaboration, customers tell us we’re simply better at it.

2. We practise what we preach

Just as our customers must work collaboratively with partners, so must we. Where it’s necessary or appropriate, we work with a number of proven partners with skills we trust and value.

3. End-to-end capabilities

We can help across the entire value chain – new business, policy management, claims and service. We can start working with you at any point in your business process where you need our support.

4. Integrated approach

Having this perspective means we understand where each piece of the jigsaw fits. We deliver answers to your problems and challenges that fit in to the way you do business.

5. Modularity

We’ve made a significant investment in a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) technology platform. That means we offer a modular approach which can be more cost-effective and give you greater agility faster.

6. Options that help make things happen

Finding the investment and commitment to develop new ideas and turn them into the next wave of innovation can be difficult – and it can hold back much-needed change. We are known for offering flexible delivery options, and financial models that swap fixed costs for variable ones. We support and create the extension of your organisation with our technology, business process services and repair networks.

7. We get you to market faster

Innovation Group Ltd's products and services give an organisation a high degree of agility. They support innovation and new models quickly and cost-effectively, allowing you to get to market faster, and with more capability to seize emerging opportunities.

8. Commitment to sustainability

Our business solutions enable energy-efficient processing, customer eco-orientated products, and green and carbon-conscious services that support social, environmental and economic dimensions.

9. We scale so you can

The ability to go from a standing start to a huge implementation is built into everything we make and sell. Customers know our products and services can support dramatic growth.

10. Use of business insight and analytics

You need to understand what your business does in great detail if you want to make it more agile. We offer integrated, industry specific, visual KPI trackers that help you do this. We use data to drive revenue and expense choices, helping you better understand what your customers want – making it easier to win and retain their business.

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