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Subrogation and Adverse Subrogation

Vehicle accidents and collisions usually involve third parties and, whether you are making a claim or are the subject of one, that adds costs to your bottom line in administration, potential litigation, arbitration and other costs. Our team of dedicated subrogation and adverse subrogation experts review each incident and help limit your losses.

Whether you are managing individual policyholders or fleet policies, we have a variety of cost models and customizable subrogation services designed to meet the needs of your business, such as making negotiations optional.

Our aim is to act immediately to ensure an efficient and speedy limitation of losses. Within 24 hours of a collision, our subrogation team reviews the collision description for subrogation potential based on any apparent negligence. If the file is deemed suitable for subrogation, steps are taken to identify negligent parties, and initial contact is made to advise of Innovation Auto’s position as subrogator for property damage.

For subrogation, Innovation Auto pursues adverse parties to recover property damage losses using:

  • Simple contract and demand presentation
  • Use of Department of Motor Vehicle options
  • Skip/trace asset searches
  • Arbitration recommendations
  • Referral to collections or legal assistance entities

We also have a nationwide network of lawyers available for claims that require litigation. You can rest assured we exhaust all avenues to recover your loss.

In adverse subrogation cases, our experts ensure demands are reviewed promptly, estimates are checked for accuracy, and effective negotiations are leveraged to compress cycle time and limit arbitration filings.

Through the use of best practices, we can help bring down arbitration rates, deliver a consistent and mutually agreed return on estimates, and reduce your cycle times.


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