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Environmental Services

At Environmental Services, we are Arboricultural & Site Investigation experts. We carry out the investigation and mitigate a customer’s claim with cost-effective repairs and solutions. Our services, backed by the latest technologies, include a national geotechnical ground investigation service, an arboricultural service, a tree surgery department and a mitigation department to arrange consent with all relevant parties. All this is supported by the European Plant Science Laboratory, a commercial facility staffed by highly qualified scientists

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At Innovation Property Environmental Services we specialise in Geotechnical , Groundwork and Drains Investigations and Repairs.

We provide a national geotechnical ground investigation service, specialised and experienced in delivering high quality analysis under laboratory conditions. All of our geotechnical site investigation crews also carry CCTV and basic drains equipment. Our in-house drainage teams can not only perform surveys, they also have years of experience in implementing the necessary repairs, supported by dedicated claims handlers.

We simplify the management of trees by providing a full start-to-finish Arboricultural service and we have a dedicated Tree Surgery department to arrange removal and replanting using our UK-wide panel of ArbNet tree surgeon contractors.

We innovate by using practical solutions to the whole range of technical problems that arise on development sites. All survey work is undertaken using our in-house built software which incorporates Ordnance Survey digital mapping linked to our central servers.

Our experienced ecologists, located throughout the UK, work well within client multi-disciplinary teams which include engineers, architects and master planners to ensure that long-lasting and effective solutions are delivered.

Our team works closely with clients to ensure that all aspects of the process are fully incorporated into a seamless, integrated service. We can assist throughout, from the pre-planning desktop stage, through feasibility studies, design, implementation, subsequent monitoring and environmental site management.

Our ecology team have licences for all protected species and unrivalled experience of working with all the UK statutory authorities.

Our mitigation department can arrange consent for tree works with policy holders and third-parties alike, whether they be Private, Commercial or Local Authorities.

Our European Plant Science Laboratory (EPSL), formed in 2001, is a commercial laboratory staffed by highly qualified scientists with long experience in wood science research and consultancy. Solid wood, tree and shrub roots, charcoal, veneer, plywood and chipboard can be analysed at EPSL.  We work to an internationally recognised set of techniques and descriptors, as set out by the International Association of Wood Anatomists (IAWA).

We have a highly successful expert witness support service and we provide fast and efficient CPR compliant reporting at a cost that is proportionate to the work involved.

We provide local government support with embedded staff or an outsourced resource to help you deliver your Authorities’ services in a professional manner.


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