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Our sectors

  • We provide complete motor claims process services for insurers.

    We save continental European insurers more than $75m a year
  • We service some of the world's biggest fleet operators helping them to minimise off-road time and better manage risk and legal issues.

    Fleet & leasing
    If you placed all the vehicles that Innovation Group has repaired in the UK since 2010 bumper to bumper you'd end up with a queue of traffic from 300 miles long (not a good idea…)
  • We combine technology solutions, data and business process services to help all motor and property insurers get the most from their business opportunity.




Case studies

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    Together we are able to create synergistic solutions to business challenges.

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    There are two fundamental, differentiating factors that define Innovation Group’s service. The first is the effective way that the field staff operate under the Key Account Manager. The second is the positioning of the claims staff inhouse at Toyota South Africa.

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    Innovation Group has consistently delivered repair costs five per cent or more, below industry benchmarks

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