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We provide complete motor claims process services for insurers, brokers, manufacturers and finance organisations. Our people, both directly employed and in our networks, are experts in managing and fixing claims, as well as providing maintenance for fleets efficiently and effectively. 

We offer services on behalf of insurers and brokers to address and manage insurance claims, including First Notice of Loss, Incident management, managed repair, subrogation and adverse subrogation, salvage, collision management, estimation and risk management.

We are able to support a range of Service Plans that remove concerns for wear and tear, warranty issues or servicing from the owner or driver.  These Service Plans cover the manufacturer’s requirements for regular upkeep, and give drivers the surety of paying a fixed future fee to cover the management and servicing of their vehicle. A combined servicing and maintenance option will help minimise the amount of time a vehicle spends off the road. Some of our service plans also extend to emergency roadside repair and emergency servicing.

So, whether you need us to manage your claims and incidents, or design, build and run a service programme, or simply take part of the managed repair process off your hands, we can help


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