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 "Selecting a new core policy system with robust functionality and technology like Insurer Policy was critical. Their broader solution portfolio of Insurer Analytics and business process services set them apart. Equally important was demonstrating a culture of trust and integrity, a commitment to us as a customer and a business model that is a win-win for both parties."

John Whalin
Vice President Personal Lines




The insurance industry is changing ... and changing rapidly. It's an era of new business models, new technologies, multiple delivery options and new and emerging markets. Put it all together, and you see new levels of competition and “build for change” requirements.

Those with a vision and a roadmap will have an edge over the competition and a clear course to a profitable future

Are you Future-ready?

Innovation Insurer from Innovation Group – your componetized, single vendor, best-of-breed software solution.

Innovation Group has the knowledge, experience and solutions to help you define your path of growth, innovation and real competitive advantage. Innovation Insurer provides modern business architecture with a long-term vision to future-proof your investment with continuous innovation, ensuring you meet today’s and tomorrow’s demands.

Our software prepares you for today's demands as well as makes you future-ready!

Market-Leading, Best-of-Breed

What makes Innovation Insurer a best-of-breed suite?

  • A common business architecture and UI.
  • A common technology stack and platform.
  • A single data model across the suite.
  • A single configuration toolset.
  • Depth and breadth of business functionality.
  • Out-of-the-box integration to interface with each module, lowering integration costs.
  • Prebuilt services across the modules to for re-usability
  • Reduced maintenance and total cost of ownership for multiple modules.
  • Lower IT skills needed to support the modules because they are the same technologies/platform 

What makes Innovation Insurer different?

  • Robust, rich policy management across the entire policy lifecycle including CRM, product management.
  • Rating, quoting, underwriting, case management, channel management service.
  • Billing, financials, compliance, reinsurance, integrated analytics.
  • Portals and mobile for agents and customers.
  • Integrated insurance specific analytics with “Guided Analysis at speed” that transforms data into relevant and actionable information that can be rapidly delivered where it counts to people with the knowledge to do something about the trends and issues uncovered.
  • Platform of that leverages best practices, industry standard interfaces, and process optimization as a foundation for continuous innovation.
  • Built to change software giving insurers the business agility required to respond to market/business changes or opportunities in new markets, with new products or new business models.
  • Solutions that are flexible and responsive to business growth or market expansion with a responsive, robust platform provide scalability and leverage-ability cost-effectively.
  • Empowers the business with easy to use, accurate and intuitive solutions and supports compliance and risk management with full audit-ability.
  • The Innovation Data Mastery Maturity Model which puts you in charge of your data and helps you develop a roadmap to maximize your data mastery investments and position yourself to compete and evaluate decisions.


Benefits and Results


The Rule of One
One data model. One rules engine. One process engine. One administration toolset.




Market-Leading Core P&C Software
Best-of-breed suites represent a big step forward on a new path for insurers.

By providing the flexibility and choice to implement functionally-rich, stand-alone components, or a full suite, such solutions enable insurers to effectively manage
the risk of core system replacement and provide a platform for future IT investment.  


Flexible Pricing
Innovative, variable, partner and risk-sharing models that enable insurers to "right size" costs based on business today and tomorrow.




Delivery Options
In addition to on-premises implementations, you can choose from alternative delivery models including ASP, BPO, SaaS, BPaaS and Cloud require less upfront capital, allowing insurers to invest their capital into other strategic or growth initiatives.

    Agility & Scalability
Respond to market, customer, distribution and growth opportunities.
    All Lines of Business
Personal, commercial and specialty lines.
    Insurance Specific Analytics
Pre-defined analytics, KPI’s & dashboards with mobile access.
    Extensive User Experience
From portals, mobile, direct to consumer, retail and white-labeling we have
experience across them all.
Innovation Group produces award winning solutions for the P&C industry.

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    Industry Recognition
Innovation Insurer has been recognized
by leading analyst firms in reviews and ratings.

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