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Innovation Insurer - Market Leading Core Insurance Suite

"Innovation Insurer represents an impressive upgrade from earlier versions in terms of functionality, usability and configurability, which are critical factors for successful insurance core systems. Combined with its improved analytics capabilities, this unified platform is likely to be an attractive option for P&C insurers."  
Matthew Josefowicz
Managing Director

Innovation Insurer is a single-vendor best-of-breed core insurance software suite providing insurers with a compelling alternative to modular options.

Avoid the integration challenges that require an in-depth IT strategy to bring the disparate pieces and platforms together with their greater integration complexities and increased long-term total cost of ownership.

Innovation Insurer contains Insurer Policy, Insurer Rating, Insurer Billing, Insurer Configurator, Insurer Reinsurance, Insurer Claims and Insurer Analytics. It's meets the challenges facing modern P&C insurers by delivering significant business transformation capabilities, seamless integration, process optimization, a tangible ROI with a lower total cost of ownership (TCO), business agility, scalability, leveragability and a platform for growth and real competitive advantage.

Innovation Insurer Components

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  Insurer Policy A comprehensive, configurable and adaptable solution designed to cover all aspects of policy management from product design through quote, underwriting, issuance, administration, reinsurance, financials, out-of-the box portals, integration and analytics.Insurer Policy includes Insurer Rating, Insurer Billing, Insurer Reinsurance and Insurer Configurator.

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  Insurer Claims A complete claims management solution, giving you the flexibility to support the skills and experience of your most successful claims handlers with 'out of the box' functionality, full supplier management, counter-fraud identification, wireless connectivity and industry specific analytics. Insurer Claims includes Insurer Configurator.

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  Insurer Analytics A Business Intelligence tool with components that provide 'out of the box' management reporting tailored to the insurance industry alongside 'train of thought' investigation of issues at an individual record level. The combination of rapid, plug-and-play headline reporting with individual record identification drives results that take Insurer Analytics beyond a traditional management information system.    

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  Innovation Insurer Deployment Options In today's technology-driven world, you can have your solution deployed the way you want it.

From on-premises implementation to Hosted, Cloud SaaS and BPasS, you can find the balance that aligns with your corporate and technological goals and policies.