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Insurer Policy - Functionally Rich and Agile


"Our strategic partnership with Innovation Group, and our subsequent selection of Innovation Insurer, underpins and strengthens our business strategy, The ability to expand into new markets was critical to our business growth strategy. Insurer Policy's flexibility in setting up and configuring a new company, new products and new business processes was instrumental in launching the new company."

Dan Bleak
VP Underwriting
360 Insurance





From product development, rating, and quoting, through underwriting, issuance, service, and reinsurance and to billing and financials, Insurer Policy, a market-leading and award winning solution, provides you with the robust and functionally rich policy management solution you need to compete for personal, commercial and specialty lines customers.

Insurer Policy prepares you for everything from real-time rating and inquiry, micro-rating, collaborative underwriting, and mobile technology, to innovative new products, expanding distribution channels, and collaborative customer interaction.

And it makes you future-ready and prepared for whatever may come.

The Solution

Insurer Policy uses a modern SOA architecture uses pre-built and re-usable services that ease integration and associated costs.

It includes an extensive set of “out of the box” capabilities including business rules, portals, screens, 3rd party integrations, and reporting.

The data model, screens, product definitions, business rules and workflow are managed in our Insurer Configurator to quickly define, model, implement and modify processes to meet specific policy business needs. You can change as needs demand!

Insurer  Policy offers insurers the broadest and deepest business and technology capabilities but goes much further to include:

  • Product Innovation
    Develop new products, enter new states and expand channels quickly with a dynamic, graphical, business friendly product management toolset.
  • Underwriting Excellence
    Utilize a risk portfolio view of the customer and/or the household, and get in-depth data analysis of underwriting trends plus access to and collaboration between underwriters and distribution channels.
  • Chanel Optimization
    Respond to market demands, channel options, portal access and enable "distribution fusion" enabling channel options based on customers.
  • Insurance Specific Analytics
    Proactively analyze, manage and grow your business with data-intense decisioning, out-of-the box dashboards and key measures.
  • Lower Total Cost Of Ownership (TCO)
    No additional license, maintenance or integration cost for CRM, Analytics, Rating, Reinsurance, Channel Management and Billing.
  • Business Agility
    Respond quicker to market changes and opportunities, M&A, new channels and products, and customer demands with robust, flexible configuration.
  • UI Design Capabilities
    Broaden the pool of potential employees and ease on-boarding with the UI design, language and help capabilities.
  • Delivery Options
    Meet market needs with a range of options including on-premise, ASP, BPO, SaaS and Cloud that can "change" with the business.
  • Compliance and Risk Management
    Provides full auditability across the system for changes and data, different brands or companies to support compliance and regulatory requirements.


Benefits and Results


Broad Deployment
Successfully deployed to more than 45 customers in 11 countries.

Maintains more than 20 million policies and 40 million client records.



Productivity Increase
Increased productivity by 25% - 40%.
Delivered daily tracking of losses and reserve management, plus reporting to forecast reinsurance triggers.


Speed to Market
Enabled agile cost-effective market entry.

Launched direct to consumer brand, reached new market and profitable in 15 Months.



Improved customer satisfaction by 10%+ with improved retention and growth.

Grow and enhance customer relationships.

Respond to customer demands and expectations with a 360 degree view of the customer, analytics and portals.

  Profit & Growth
Reallocated capital to other growth initiatives with SaaS implementation.

Contributed to 50% growth.
    Lower TCO
Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with no additional license, maintenance or integration costs
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