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Innovation Insurer Deployment – Your Solution, Your Way


"Companies that successfully deliver such broad solution sets drive more value to insurers, offer greater flexibility, and agility to change with shifting market conditions through best practices, a consortium of new ideas, market trends and capabilities, and a platform for continuous innovation and transformation."
Craig Weber

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In today's technology-driven world, you can have your solution deployed the way  you want it. From on-premise implementation to Hosted, Cloud SaaS and BPasS, you can find the balance that aligns with your corporate and technological goals and policies.


This is the traditional deployment option in which the physical software is installed at your office or in your data center. 

  • Costs for the application are up-front.
  • You maintain possession and control of the application and data.
  • Internet connectivity is not required to access and operate solution.

Alternative Deployment Options

Today's technology gives you many more options when it comes to deploying a solution. We're no longer restricted to on-premise servers, maintenance updates, and insurer IT staff to run an efficient system. More people are moving towards these alternatives thanks to the Internet and Cloud.

Some reasons many prefer hosted/cloud deployments include:

  • Decreased deployment times.
  • Decreased IT costs for hardware, implementation, and upgrades.
  • Decreased demands on IT staff.
  • Refocused time and effort on core business not technology.
  • Economies of scale through multi-tenancy - many customers run their applications on the same unit of software.
  • More rapidly achieved ROI.
  • Scaled solution to meet changing needs.
  • Access your solution from any internet-connected location —multiple locations, home workers, or other facilities in the event of emergency.
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).


As internet connectivity and speed increase and cloud becomes pervasive in all areas of society, hosted applications and services are growing rapidly. Companies world-wide are seeing the benefits economically, technologically, and chronologically.

SaaS – Software as a Service
Many say that SaaS came of age during the early 2000's. Now, it's an accepted, desired method of leveraging the cloud for the distribution and use of software. SaaS enables you to utilize hosted software applications via the Internet rather than installing them locally at your location.

BPaaS – Business Process as a Service
Just as SaaS revolutionized software delivery, BPaaS is doing the same for BPO. BPaaS takes hosting to the next level by providing traditional Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) to the cloud.

IBM Cloud-Ready

Innovation Group is among the first application providers to be certified on IBM's new family of expert integrated systems!
"IBM is excited to work with Innovation Group, a leader in the P&C insurance industry. P&C Insurance clients are demanding optimized solutions and the combination of Innovation Insurer and the new IBM Ready for PureSystems will help them reduce complexity and drive innovation."

Ed Abrams
Vice President Global Business Partners and Mid-market


The following will give you more insights into Innovation Group, IBM, and the Cloud.